Why Clearwater’s Clearwater Park Is Getting a New Home

A former Clearwater, Florida, park that once served as a summer playground and summer playgrounds for families has received a major facelift.

Clearwater Parks & Resorts is moving its family activities center to the park’s new, expanded, outdoor space.

The new facility, dubbed the Clearwater Family Activities Center, will be built adjacent to the current family activities building, and will open in 2018, according to the company’s announcement on Tuesday.

The new facility will also include more seating, a new patio, an improved fountain, new security cameras, more restrooms and more amenities, according a company press release.

In 2018, Clearwater has hosted more than 100 families with over 1,000 children.

The company said the new facility includes new amenities, such as: a family playground, a water park and a water slide; a new outdoor space with seating and playground equipment; a family activity center; and a children’s play area.

The project will allow Clearwater parks to be more accommodating for families who need to visit, according the company.

Clearwater has become a magnet for families, said Mark S. Pyle, the company vice president of operations, who oversaw the project.

The company added that more than 300 families visited Clearwater this year.

“This is a win-win,” Pyle said in a statement.

“We are able to make our park more welcoming for families and visitors who come to our parks.

This includes more families, who have requested the expanded space for family activities.”

More than 4 million children attended the park in 2016, according data from the state of Florida.

The average age of children in the park is 7, the release said.

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