Moab’s annual fireworks show takes place for the first time

Moab, Utah — A family celebration in Utah’s moab area is taking place for only the first year, after a fireworks display in 2018.

The Moab Fireworks Show will take place this year at the Moab City Hall on March 31, 2019.

The event is the first fireworks display since the firebombing in 2017 that killed a family member of a young girl who was visiting the area, according to Moab Mayor David Ehrlich.

Ehrlich and his wife, Tracey Ehrliches, were among the first to recognize the incident.

“I saw the fire and knew immediately the event was not safe,” he said.

The Ehrlis have been traveling to Moas to celebrate the first anniversary of the fire.

The family was invited to celebrate their first anniversary in Moas, Utah, last year.

“This is the only fireworks event I’ve ever been to,” Ehrlein said.

Erekles said the event will include a live band, food and fun, including an outdoor show with a giant firecracker.

He said the family will also have an after-party on the moab city grounds, where they can meet other family and friends.

Ehlliches said they will continue to travel to Moa as a family, but this year will be their first trip to the state of Utah.