How to make it more challenging for cats to play at your house

Posted September 16, 2018 08:54:18 You don’t have to make your cats miserable.

Just give them the space they need to relax and have fun.

Here are a few tips to help make it a little easier.


Get your cats’ toys and treats on a separate table.

Cats have a tendency to get too comfortable with a small area of toys and food.


Make sure your cat’s litter box is separated from the rest of the house.

Make it a place for the cats to get their food and toys.


Use a pet carrier.

Cats love to walk, but if they can’t walk in a litter box, they’ll just wander.


Make your cat play a game with his toys.

Try to get him to play with his treats first, then try to get the game to go his way.

You’ll find that your cat will get much more creative with his play when he’s with his litter box in a place that is a bit more quiet.


Make a room for your cat to play.

Try putting a couch, bookshelf, or chair on the floor, and having your cat run around inside it.

Your cat will enjoy this.


Use soft toys.

Cats can be very creative at this age.

Put a cat toy in a corner or a window, and give him lots of opportunities to play on it. 7.

Have a quiet place to sleep.

If you have a cat that sleeps in the backyard, make it as quiet as possible.

Cats sleep in the house for a lot of reasons.

The house may be too loud, or there may be other cats in the yard, or other people are visiting.

Make an outdoor bedroom or an area in the basement a quiet and peaceful place for your cats to sleep in. 8.

Have an area where your cat can go.

This is one of the best ways to get your cats involved in other activities, such as walking, playing with toys, or playing with your dog.

The more space they have to run around, the more fun they’ll have.


Have toys and catnip for your family.

If your cat is having a hard time playing at your home, or if he’s having a difficult time getting his food and treats, try putting some catnap on the table.

It’s great for your dog, and it’s also a great way for your house to relax when your cats are home alone.


Have catnaps, too.

If it’s a family activity, like going to the vet or to the veterinarian’s office, try a catnapping.

It will help your cat feel more comfortable, and he will get some time to himself.


Give your cat treats and toys when your cat has an injury or illness.

This will help them feel more secure and feel less lonely.


Give the cat toys and other treats to help your cats relax.

It might also help you feel more relaxed as well.


Keep a few catnapped cats around.

This can be helpful if you have cats that are afraid of going outside.

When your cat gets bored, it will find a way to get away from the noise of the outside world and explore his territory.


Make toys for your pet to do his play.

It helps him feel more connected to his family, and will also help your house become a little quieter.


Put treats and cat treats in different places.

You can put your cat in the corner of the living room, or your cat on the couch, or even in the garage.


Have your cat and his litterbox out of sight, out of mind.

When you put toys and/or catnips in the litterbox, it helps your cat be more independent and lets him explore his world.


Have the cat do something other than play with toys.

He will be happier when he is free to roam around, and enjoy the freedom of a litterbox.


Give a cat treats that he can do with his own toys.

You want to make sure that he is getting plenty of treats to enjoy and enjoy himself.


Make the litter box a place where your cats can get treats.

They are very social animals and will naturally enjoy a little bit of company.

They love to be in the company of other cats, so making a place to get them treats is a good idea.


Make certain your cat stays outside when you are not around.

When they are at home, they love to play, and so do you.

So, make sure you’re there when your dog or cat comes out to play or when they are ready to get a bath.