How to plan your family trips abroad: What you need to know

What to bring: If you’re planning to visit a family member in another country, it’s a good idea to bring a photo ID, proof of residency and proof of citizenship.

It’s also a good plan to bring extra cash if you need a little extra help.

If you plan to go on a holiday abroad, it might be worth bringing cash as well, since some of the countries you’re going to visit are expensive and take up a lot of your time.

You can also carry cash to your hotel room if you’re staying with a friend.

What to wear: You’ll need a comfortable, dark suit and shirt to wear, especially for your family and friends.

You’ll also want a dark-coloured scarf and a pair of comfortable shoes, such as sandals.

How to bring it: Keep it to the hotel room.

When you’re leaving, don’t leave a note or any valuables in the hotel.

You don’t want your friends or family to be able to take anything.