When the world stops being a family and starts being a place, it’s time to stop pretending


— — The world stopped being a home and started being a community.

The people who have spent their entire lives together have gone from the world’s smallest to the biggest.

That’s what we thought, too.

But as time passed, we realized that the world is just too big for us to live in.

So we started moving.

Now we live in our parents’ basement in the suburbs of Kansas City.

We moved out of our parents house and into the country, a place where people from all walks of life have lived together for decades.

It’s a big, spacious house in a small town, about 45 minutes north of Wichita.

The place is filled with old friends, a few new ones, and a few strangers who were introduced to each other by friends, acquaintances, or strangers who just happen to be from the same neighborhood.

There are a few things that make this place special: the fact that everyone is a family, the fact we live here in our own backyard, and the fact the place is just right for us.

We’re a family of two, and we all love to cook and play together, and sometimes we even have kids.

There are about a dozen of us in the house, and that’s where the family meets.

My wife and I started our own family.

We’ve been together for almost eight years now, and it’s been a blast, the kind of family that’s been made in the most beautiful way possible.

We spend hours every day together.

The only time we’re apart is when we’re away.

We are an all-family household.

I work from home.

I have three kids, and my wife and one of my kids do all the cooking and cleaning and all the chores.

We have about 30 other people who all live in the same house.

It’s a house where we can all live together and get along.

It feels really good to be in our house together, even though it’s not the same as we used to be together.

We live in a neighborhood that’s full of people from the city and the suburbs.

I grew up in the small town of Eufaula, Kan., which is about 20 minutes south of Wichita and about 10 miles northeast of the city.

There were no parks or playgrounds in my hometown.

There was no basketball, football, or baseball in our town.

I don’t remember a sport.

My brother-in-law played football in middle school and high school, and he still plays it.

But it was different for him and for me growing up.

We were always out in the streets, and when we were younger, we’d get to know people from other parts of town.

And when we moved out, we could walk to the mall, or the movies.

We were just surrounded by people from every walk of life.

It was nice to have people who could talk to us, to be around us, and to help us with our daily chores.

It took me a while to get used to it, but I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable.

Now, when I’m home alone, I’m very comfortable in my own home, which is the same with my kids.

It feels like home.

We all have a lot of things in common, and there are lots of things we all like to do together.

My kids love to go to the movies with us.

They love going to the local bowling alley and playing ball.

They also like to watch TV together, which has become a regular occurrence in our home.

We have a pool.

It has been a big part of our family since we moved here.

There’s no water in the pool, so we have to take our kids to a friend’s house and have them use the water.

I love that.

I think they love that, too, and they love the water too.

I’m glad they have it because they love it.

Our family has its own unique challenges.

It does take a while for people to adjust to a new home.

But we have so many new things to do here, and now that we have it, we have a great time together.