Canada’s children and families get a boost with new summer program

Children and families will be able to take part in summer activities in Halifax this summer, the city’s parks and recreation department announced Thursday.

The summer activities will be held throughout the summer months of August and September.

The Parks and Recreation Department said the program will feature outdoor family activities such as swimming, canoeing, skating, walking and camping, as well as some other outdoor activities.

The new summer activities are also being offered for kids who are eligible to apply for the program.

“We have more than 2,000 kids participating in summer camp programs across Canada, and we wanted to give kids a little bit of something to keep them engaged in summer,” said Chris Loeber, Parks and Rec manager.

The city also is expanding its summer activities program to include new activities, which include swimming, surfing, biking, hiking, and a children’s activity called “tourism.”

The city is offering a number of other opportunities to keep kids engaged.

In August, the Parks and Recreations Department will offer a kids’ activity called a “bicycle and run” on the city park’s outdoor trails, with a goal of connecting kids to the outdoors.

The City of Halifax also announced that it will host an outdoor arts and crafts festival in the summer of 2018, including a children-friendly arts and craft show.