‘Garda says’ woman ‘not involved in gangland murder’

Gartrells grandmother, Mary Gartrel, has been told she is not being prosecuted over her alleged role in a gangland killing in which three men were killed.

Gartrel was born and raised in the Co Antrim area of Northern Ireland, where she worked as a care worker in the local hospital.

Her father was killed in a shooting in the town of Cavan, and her mother died in a road accident at the age of 22.

She was raised in Co Down and now lives in Co Antrío, where her husband, the Revd Paul, works as a priest.

Gardasí yesterday told the court that the murder of the women was an “unprecedented” crime, which had happened in Co Donegal.

García Morán, the assistant director of the National Crime Agency, told the judge that gardaí were working on a file relating to the case.

He said the investigation had been hampered by “some very difficult questions” and the woman had not been given an opportunity to be heard.

“This is not the first time that the family of the deceased have sought to get information from garda officials,” he said.

“It is an extremely difficult case, but we will take it to the conclusion of the inquiry that we have started and that is a decision that will be made by the commissioner of the Garda Síochána.”

A statement from the Co Donegall Independent Police Complaints Commission (IDCPCC) said: “The family of Ms Gartres, who was shot dead on her way home from work, are extremely disappointed and distressed by the developments that have occurred.”

Their full support will be extended to the investigation by the IDCPCC, which has taken on a large amount of time and resources to get to this point.

“The family’s views will be taken into account during the inquiry.”

Gartrell’s uncle, Paul, who has been involved in the investigation for more than two years, told reporters: “I think it is a huge injustice that she hasn’t been able to be interviewed and it is just a travesty of justice.”

She’s a wonderful lady, she’s just a lovely lady, we just want to be left alone.

“I have nothing against the garda.

They are doing a great job.”

In 2012, garda John Flanagan, the lead detective in the murder investigation, told a House of Commons committee that he was concerned that the woman could have been “the catalyst” of the killing.

However, Mr Flanagan later backed down and said he had no evidence to suggest that she was involved in any plot.