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(AP) An active crime family activities group says it has been banned from California’s parks because it’s the first in the state to require members to wear helmets.

The California Department of Parks and Recreation says it wants to ban all groups that use firearms and explosives to “protect the health and safety of the public.”

It’s the latest sign of a national debate about what types of groups and groups should be allowed in parks and public places.

The American Civil Liberties Union has called on the Trump administration to reinstate the National Rifle Association and the National Football League to remove all sports from public venues.

The group is one of many active crime families that say they’re trying to make it harder for other groups to hold a gathering.

The department says there are currently no specific requirements for active crime groups to wear face masks.

It says the groups are still required to comply with state laws, including the one that prohibits weapons in public.

Alicia Johnson, a spokeswoman for the California Department, says the department has been reviewing the group’s request to be placed on the list.