Recode interviews tech entrepreneur Brian Lee, who’s building a community around his tech-focused community in the Philippines

Recode has interviewed Brian Lee for the first time.

Lee is an entrepreneur and investor who started his own tech-based community, The WoodmenLife, in the Phillipines.

Lee told Recode that he’s building the community around The Wood Men to promote entrepreneurship and build a culture of mutual support.

“We’re doing this as a partnership with other people in the wood and as an organization,” he said.

“There are people out there who are looking to do the same thing.

There are people who are working in the same field.

So it’s a very good partnership to start out with.”

Recode: How has The WoodMenLife and The Wood People’s impact been?

Lee said the community has grown from around a hundred members to more than a million.

He added that it has helped the community reach more people.

Lee said The Wood Man’s Facebook group has more than 1 million members and that there are about a thousand weekly meetings.

“The Wood Men have been the backbone of the community and they have done the same for us,” Lee said.

Lee also told Recod that he has worked with a lot of different communities and that The Wood Women have also done well.

He said they have been a great addition to the Wood Men.

“This is the only place where they have gone beyond what we have done with the Wood Man and the Wood People,” Lee told us.

“It has made the community stronger.

It has made it a really welcoming place for the Wood people to come and meet people.”

Recoding: What can people do to help The WoodmensLife?

The Wood Woman’s Facebook page has more, including an invitation to help out in any way they can.

“I would love for everyone to reach out and join us on the Facebook page and help us grow,” Lee added.

“As long as we’re doing what we do, and it’s doing the right thing, people are going to come to us for help.”

The WoodMan’s Facebook post has more about the WoodmenLife.

Recode spoke with Lee to find out more about his community and what he’s doing to support the WoodMen.

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