The family is still looking for a home in Melbourne

KANEOHE, Queensland – The Kaneohea family is hoping to buy a home near their home in the city.

The Kanesha family has been renting out a two bedroom house in Kanesham for about six years and have spent the past two years looking for homes in the area.

They’ve had offers from private renters, local landlords and even private buyers.

Kaneshe is just 20 kilometres north of Brisbane, and is home to the Kaneshas’ three children and their three grandchildren.

One of the oldest, a daughter, is studying medicine in Brisbane, while the other two children are studying to become dentists.

The family have lived on the same street for about 15 years, and have no plans to move.

“We have been looking for another home for a while,” Kaneshea’s wife, Kana, said.

“And when we went to the property market last year, we decided to give it a go, so we went back and looked.”

They had been searching for an area of the city where they could find a property, but the city was not offering a home.

The couple have been working on their search for the house they would like to buy.

“Our main goal right now is to find a place that’s right next to our house, which is a lot of kilometres away from Brisbane,” Ms Kaneshee said.

They are currently looking at a three-bedroom home with a backyard and backyard deck, but they are also looking for other locations nearby.

“So we are looking at different properties, looking at houses that are just down the road, and we’re looking at some other houses nearby,” Ms Hilda said.

It’s been two years since the family has lived on Kanesarah, which was built in 1884.

It was once the seat of the Kaneah family, and was once a fishing town and a resort for the area’s Indigenous population.

Today, the town is a major hub for tourism and the Kenehahs are keen to expand the area around the house to include the rest of the property.

“As soon as we can get our house in the right position, we will do that,” Ms Lai said.

Ms Kanehe said it was time for the community to get behind the KANEHAS’ dream of buying a home closer to their home.

“It is time for everyone to come together, and help this family get a home that’s close to where they live, that they can enjoy,” Ms Mihi said.

The house has been available for rent since last September, but Ms Hildas said it wasn’t until the family moved into their new home that they decided to buy it.

“They have always been a bit apprehensive about buying a house close to their house, but we had always planned to buy that house for them,” Ms Tami said.

She said they were very happy with the home and hoped to buy one in the future.

“I think we are all excited about our house.

We are very happy about the new house and we look forward to coming home and enjoying our family,” Ms Nihi added.

The property is currently on the market for $1.9 million.