The Leavenworth Family Activities playlist: 7 great family-related events for the holidays

Share your favorite family activities for the holiday season.

Here’s a rundown of our favorites.

Leavenworth is the mother of five and grandmother of five, who were born in Texas, New York, and Michigan.

She’s been an actress, a teacher, and a teacher-teacher-teach-student, and she’s been the principal of the local elementary school for 30 years.

The children are all involved in a variety of activities, from running around the block to playing on the soccer field.

She’s known as a family-friendly mom, and her family has been on a regular vacation every year for the past 15 years.

She loves family dinners and has even created a special meal plan for her kids.

She likes to go hiking with her kids and go on a long hike with her family in the woods.

The kids also love swimming, biking, and going to the lake.

Leavitts also loves to cook, and has created a cookbook for her children that includes homemade dishes and recipes.

She and her husband, Mark, enjoy going out to dinner together and also go to weddings and birthday parties together.

The family also has a great summer tradition, and they’re constantly on the road.

They’re in the middle of a trip when the kids need to get home from school.

The family travels on a family vacation on the weekends and have gone on three trips over the last two years.

They do all of the family activities together, and every year the kids do their own activities.

Leaving home, Leavitt’s been busy, working as a school teacher and a principal.

She says that while her children enjoy the same activities as they do at school, she misses having the freedom to create the family events that she wants.

Leivitt also has her own blog and Facebook page, and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram as well.

She said that the blog and her Facebook page are “one big family event” and is “the best place to connect with other people who are like me.”

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