What is a family activity?

The Family Activity Plan was launched in 2014 to help people manage their financial and family life while meeting the demands of work and family commitments.

The plan, which includes a range of activities, has been designed for couples, families and singles.

But the plans were criticised in the past by the Australian Human Rights Commission and in 2016 the Federal Government announced it was removing the Family Activity Plans from its website.

Now, the Government is updating its website and changing the wording of some of the activities, which will make them clearer.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Employment, Employment Standards and Supervision said the changes would remove the language about a person being “in work” or “working part time” from some of its activities.

“The new Family Activity plans will not change the requirement that you be in work or in a work-related job,” the spokeswoman said.

“This includes all your responsibilities relating to your personal finances, including your mortgage, children’s welfare, childcare, car payments and other family support.”

The spokeswoman said the Department was also removing language that implied that you could be entitled to some financial support from your employer.

“In the Family Activities Plan, it is always clear to you whether or not you have financial support available to you.

If you do, it will show on the Family Assistance page,” the spokesperson said.

The Government’s plan includes information on how to access your workplace benefits, including: Paid sick leave, maternity pay, parental leave and parental rights;