How to be a feminist: The real-life story of my mom

A mother from south-east Queensland has told the ABC her experience of being the “feminist mother” has shaped her as a woman.

Key points:The ABC’s Katherine Martin spoke to a mother who’s been called a feminist motherKey points :A mother from the Brisbane area says her experience shaped her identityKey points Mother Jessica is from a family with a strong anti-discrimination policy, and says she’s proud of her “feminine values”The ABC spoke to mother Jessica about her experiences of being called a “feminism” mother.

“I think it’s pretty clear that I’m a feminist, but it’s not the only thing that’s true,” Ms Martin told the television program.

Ms Martin was a student at the University of Queensland, studying in the Humanities.

She was “inspired” to become a feminist after watching her daughter, who was a “transgender man”, being bullied.

“As a student of mine, I knew that I had to stand up and say ‘I’m not like that’,” she said.

“My experience with my daughter, my experience of bullying and of discrimination and the violence that I’ve experienced, and the hatred and violence that she has been subjected to and that I have experienced, I’ve come to believe that’s what I am.”

The ABC found the story of Ms Martin’s “femininity” was shared in other online communities, including Reddit.

“Reddit is where I found the most of the stuff that was shared about me,” she said, describing how she found her way to the website, Reddit, after she started attending a local women’s conference.

“I felt really inspired by the women that were talking about themselves and their experiences, and what they were going through.”

Reddit was “an opportunity for me to meet other women that I felt like were similarly struggling with this same thing,” Ms Davis said.”[Reddit] has a lot of really good support groups for women in particular.”

Ms Davis said she would “absolutely” be interested in speaking to Ms Davis about her experience, if she is still a student.

“What it means is that there’s a community of women in this country who are empowered by feminism and I hope that I can be part of that,” she told the programme.

“It’s so inspiring to know that there are other women out there who are going through the same things I am and who have the same hopes and the same ideas.”

Ms Martin said she had “huge pride” in being a feminist.

However, she said it was not the reason she was a feminist; it was the “curse” she suffered as a child that made her “really afraid”.

Ms Davis has also shared a story of being “bully-shamed” and “called out” by her mother after the incident at a public meeting in 2016.

“That’s a story I’ve had a lot.

And it was a really hard time,” she recounted.

In her article, Ms Martin describes the impact of the incident on her mother, and how she was forced to “go back to school” to “teach myself to be less passive and not to let anyone know”.

Ms Martin, who says she is proud of “my feminist values”, says she believes her experience “has helped shape my identity”.

“I’m a person who likes to think in terms of boundaries, boundaries between what I say and what I do, and boundaries between myself and what other people think about me, because my values are my own,” she wrote.

“And so it’s important that I do that.”

The ABC is seeking comment from Ms Davis, Ms Davis’ parents, Ms Kelly, and Ms Davis’s mother.