How to make a cake that looks like a child’s birthday present

It’s been years since the holidays were celebrated, but some holiday decorations are still getting a makeover.CBS News reports that the holiday season is getting a new twist: kids’ birthday candles.

They’re made from cardboard boxes and filled with powdered sugar, and they are filled with real-life children.

Cindy, a mother of two, started making her own birthday candles in 2015.

She says the real reason for making her homemade candles was to keep them as a gift for her family.

The candles have since been on display in the family’s home.CINDY: I think it was because it was a gift from my parents.

So I had to make them and put them up, because it just felt like a way to do something for my family.

I thought it was really cute.CORNISH: She said she’s hoping to get another birthday gift this year.

But Cindy says she’s still making them for her two boys, ages 3 and 7.

She said if they get older, she’ll make them for them.CUTTING: She has one of the boxes on display, which she says has two of her boys, and she has some more.

I think she’s really excited about getting another one.

She is trying to get a few more boxes for the boys, because I think they’re really excited.CIRQ: The candies are also getting attention on social media.

One picture posted on Facebook shows Cindy and her boys holding a box of candles.CINNABAR: The box of cakes and the candles that they have are going to be a big hit with people.

And I think that will really be what they’re hoping for, to have a lot of people talking about them and talking about what they’ve been doing for the last year and half, so that’s going to help.COUNSELOR: Cindy is not the only one to take advantage of these homemade birthday candles and decorations.

ABC News found one mom who sells birthday candles for $6 on eBay.

She posted the photo of the box on Instagram and said she makes them by hand.

I am a very small lady and I have a small kitchen, so the candles are very delicate and the cardboard is very soft, and I’ve done this for years.

This is my second year of doing this, and it’s just so fun.CALVIN: We just wanted to make sure you know, that there are not going to a kid to kid party this year, because if they are, I don’t want to get involved.CUNNINGHAM: You can go in and buy them for $5.

CINNAGAL: You know, I’m just making them as gifts for the kids, you know?

So I just love it.CANTON: I just really love this.CARLIS: It’s so cute, and if you have kids, this is so fun, because you can get them out and play and they can see how much fun they’re having and they’ll say, you guys are having a good time, you’re having a party, so it’s a really great gift.