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This is an excerpt from the new book, Families: A Guide to the Everyday Lives of Families, by John Dolan and John McArthur, published by W.W. Norton.

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When Concord family gets together to share food, games and more at the Family Fun Fest 2018

Posted May 13, 2018 03:25:51 A Concord family has been enjoying their vacation in the Great White North for the past year and now they are celebrating by taking part in a family-friendly festival.

Family and friends are gathering in the Concord, New Hampshire, community this weekend for Concord Family FunFest, which features activities like games, food, crafts, face painting and more.

The family-focused event, which runs through July, includes food and games from a variety of food vendors, including food truck, a carousel and a giant cake.

The carnival also features live music and family-themed activities, including an obstacle course and a game show.

In addition to the family-oriented activities, the family will enjoy a variety in the community, including face painting, face-painting contests and face painting demonstrations.

Carnival officials say they are hoping to make the family fun and engaging in the carnival.

“We’re hoping that we can really make the whole family feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves,” said Courtney Smith, Concord’s manager of events.