Australia’s family activities tracker: how it works, what it offers and what you need to know

Family activity tracker is the latest in the Australian Government’s Family Activity Tracker project, which aims to give people more information about how they’re spending their money.

The tracker uses the same data used to track and report spending on the Federal Budget, to help Australians better understand how their income is changing and to better predict how the Government will spend their money in the future.

This information is then used to make informed decisions on the spending they wish to allocate.

Family activities tracker uses data from the Australian Taxation Office to give you more information on how your family spend their income.

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What is the data used for?

Family activity tracking is a tool developed by the Australian Federal Government to help individuals understand their income and expenditure in order to make better decisions about how to spend it.

Family activity trackers use data from: the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)