How to get around Melbourne with a pack

By Chris Mokheradis | 07 September 2018 00:59:06 The National Park Service (NPS) has launched a new campaign to encourage backpackers to pack their bags and get off the beaten track in Melbourne.

The NPS launched a social media campaign last month to raise awareness about the dangers of the high altitude and bushwalking in Victoria, which has been linked to a number of deaths in the past.

The campaign is part of the organisation’s commitment to support backpackers during the bushwalking season, which is expected to start on October 3.

The agency said backpackers and walkers should pack light, because “the risks of bushwalking can be deadly”.

“The risk of bush walking is very real and is something that we as a community need to be aware of,” the agency said.

“The NSPP encourages people to pack light for a number or reasons, like the weather, and it’s great to see that we’re doing something to encourage people to make the most of their travel and not just for a few days.”

The NOS said backpacker packs had been seen at the Melbourne Metro station and other transport hubs in recent months, including the city’s WestConnex and the Yarra Tramlink stations.

“We understand that the bushwalk season is busy, and that the public may want to stay away from some areas, but it’s important that we continue to encourage all backpackers, particularly those with children, to be vigilant,” the NOS added.

“There’s no reason why you should be discouraged from getting out and about in Melbourne or anywhere else, but we do ask that you pack light.”

The NFS said people could contact the agency if they had any concerns about their pack or if they were experiencing any health issues.

“People are encouraged to check our advice page on what to pack, especially for the bushwalker season,” the National Park said.

“In the meantime, if you’re experiencing any symptoms, such as a cough, runny nose, diarrhoea or a fever, we urge you to call our Emergency Response Centre on 13 19 24.”