‘I’m going to have to get a job’ after losing job at Disney

An employee of the Disney theme park chain says she’s “going to have a hard time finding a job” after losing her job in the wake of her husband’s death.

Key points:Ms Breen had worked for Disney since 2012, having joined the company’s entertainment division as an associate director, and was due to receive a bonus in JuneThe Disney-owned theme parks chain has been struggling with staff shortages and poor customer experienceIt has also been criticised by the Walt Disney Co over a series of quality control failuresThe Disney spokeswoman told The Irish News that Ms Breen’s resignation was the result of a change of heart, after she had been working on a project at the theme park company’s theme parks division.

“She had been on a very short-term contract that would end in June.

However, because of her work on that project, she was able to get the job back,” the spokeswoman said.”

This was the last of the projects that she was working on.”

Ms Bross said she had hoped to get her first full-time job as a manager in Disney’s amusement parks division but that was not going to happen, as she is unable to continue working in her current role as an assistant director of the company.

She said she is not happy with how things have gone, and is looking to find a full- or part-time role.

“I’m hoping to have more options than this.

I’ve been able to keep myself busy for a while and I think it’s time for a change,” she said.

Disney has been under increasing pressure in recent months after a series, quality control, failures in its parks, which have resulted in staff shortages.

Some of the issues involved were due to poor customer experiences, including a “disappointing” response to customer requests for refunds and a failure to provide refunds to some customers.

Ms Binsley said that she would be looking for work elsewhere, but was not expecting a permanent change of position.

“The last thing I want is for someone to say ‘I’ll never work at Disney again, I’m going back to work at my own company’,” she said, adding that she did not want to go back to her previous position.

Ms Lally said that the issue with Ms Binsy’s resignation had arisen from her having worked on a job that she had previously been offered, and that it was now time for her to move on.

“We were working on another project, and we’d had a lot of fun and really enjoyed working on it, so that was the reason why we accepted that offer,” she added.

“That project was about a theme park, but it also involved the Disneyland parks.”

Disney confirmed that Ms Lally had resigned, saying in a statement: “Our thoughts are with Ms Lals and her family at this difficult time.”

A spokeswoman for Disney said it was working to assist Ms Bross and her husband.

“Ms Bresly was terminated after a short period of time due to her work with the Walt and Dixie Disney Parks and Resorts, which we believe were made possible through a combination of our ongoing investment in the parks, the growth of our business and continued engagement with the local community,” the statement read.

“Her employment was terminated because of circumstances outside of our control and was terminated without cause.”

“We have zero tolerance for anyone who would use or threaten the safety or well-being of anyone.”

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