Read our story: Families spend Thanksgiving at family activities

The families of people who lost loved ones to the opioid crisis are heading to a family-friendly event in Ohio’s capital for the first time this year.

According to the Ohio State Patrol, the Columbus-area Regional Medical Center in Ohio will host a family holiday event for families in need on Nov. 27.

The event is being hosted by the Ohio Center for Addiction and Mental Health (OCAMH) and will be held at the Ohio Family Activities Center.

It is an opportunity for families to gather and have fun while honoring loved ones who have passed away from the opioid epidemic.

Ohio Gov.

John Kasich says the Ohio Medical Association will also be sponsoring the event.

Kasich has called on the Ohio Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to step in to provide more services to families of overdose victims, but the OAMH says it is up to the state to do so.

“The Governor’s office has taken steps to address the opioid overdose crisis, including by providing additional resources to local agencies and by coordinating the response with other emergency management agencies,” OAMHS said in a statement.

“While we have not yet had any specific requests for assistance from other agencies, we are aware that local authorities are working closely with the governor’s office on the implementation of these new services.”

In September, Kasich signed a bill creating a special program for families of those killed by opioids.

The bill gave the governor authority to set up a program to assist families of the deceased.

“In light of the unprecedented response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the tragic events that occurred in Ohio and around the country, it is critical that Ohioans who are grieving receive the same support and assistance as everyone else,” the governor said at the time.

Kazak has since taken steps, including appointing a task force to look into ways to support families and help them cope with the opioid abuse crisis.