Kissimmeez children’s playgrounds get a boost from ‘caring’ dads

RTE 1 / 26 RTE 2 / 26 RTÉ Sport 1 Kissimmese children’s playground, located in the heart of Kissimmerse, has received an upgrade from the previous owners, who previously used a “fantastic” paint scheme to paint the playground.

The children’s area was once a playground of the Kells family, who also owned a number of local parks.

The former owners of the playground, John and Patricia O’Sullivan, used the previous owner’s scheme, but have now replaced it with a new paint scheme which they say has been “perfect”.

“I think it’s very nice,” said Patricia O”Sullivan.

“I’ve never had a bad day.

I’ve always had fun.

We’ve always been very friendly.”RTE Sport 1 visited the playground at 4:30pm on Monday.

It is one of four playgrounds in the area to receive an upgrade, the other two being the Kelsons playground and the former Kells’ playground.

“We are pleased to have this playground installed,” said RTE Sport’s RTE correspondent and former Kelson, Mark O’Dowd.

“The playground is in great condition.

It’s just a shame that it’s not in the top three, because it’s beautiful.”

Kells children’s park is located in Kissimmer, in the Kelles family’s backyard.

It is the oldest playground in the county, dating back to 1902 and built by the Kolls.

“I’ve always said it’s one of the best playgrounds I’ve ever seen in Kissymount,” said O’Connell.

“They’ve done an amazing job with it.”

The childrens playground features three different levels of play, each designed to be enjoyed individually.

“It’s a fantastic playground,” said the O’Deville brothers, who have been in the family for over 70 years.

“They put the kids in such a good position.

“We’ve had a great time, the kids are enjoying it, and I think they will have a wonderful time playing here.””

We’ve had a great time, the kids are enjoying it, and I think they will have a wonderful time playing here.”

‘A trip to Dayton, OH to visit family’: Family vacations with friends

The family of a Dayton man who died in a crash last year in Ohio were enjoying a weekend vacation when they lost touch with him and he passed away.

It’s been three weeks since a father and his son were traveling to their hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, when the accident occurred, NBC affiliate WISH-TV reported.

“It’s like you’re in a dream, but you don’t really have control,” said the family’s pastor, Richard Breen, who is working with the family on their recovery.

“I want to say that they’ve really worked really hard,” he added.

The pastor said the couple was visiting family and friends and that they were doing well.

They were also enjoying a family vacation with friends in Indianapolis, he said.

On Thursday, the family received a text message from the driver of a silver SUV.

It was from their son, who had texted them moments earlier saying he was OK and that his car was in the shop, the WISH report said.

The father went to the shop to pick up some keys.

He saw his son lying on the ground, the station reported.

The driver got out of the car and called 911, police said.

It took firefighters to revive him.

He died at the scene, WISH said.

The car was recovered.

The crash remains under investigation, the Dayton Daily News reported.