Ballarat residents urge residents to be mindful of safety in recreational activities

A ballarat resident’s advice to residents following a coronavirus outbreak has been shared by residents in Melbourne’s inner-west.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Wednesday, the Ballarat resident, who asked not to be named, said residents were advised to be cautious about the recreational activities in the city.

“My wife and I have been taking the kids to the local park and we are very cautious about going out,” she wrote.

“It is a lot quieter here than in Melbourne and we want to be safe.”

We are concerned for the safety of our family and the people we are with and we just need to be aware that there is a large community out there.

“There are always dangers in the bush but it is a good way to go if you are out and you know what you are doing.”

Some people are scared to go out at night.

You just need a little bit of time to relax and enjoy the night.

“Ballarat resident Julie Molloy, who has lived in Ballarat for nine years, said the community had to be “a little bit more careful”.”

We need to find a way to stay in our comfort zone,” she said.”

The night is the time of year where we are at our greatest risk.

“Ballarra resident Karen Jones said people needed to be vigilant about the safety they were in.”

I’m sure people have been affected by the virus, but I think they need to understand that there are a lot of different things that can go wrong,” she told 7.30.”

If you are not careful and you don’t understand the risk you run, you could end up in a really bad situation.

“Jones said while she and her friends were concerned about the health of the city’s residents, they had to “do the right thing”.”

There is a real risk that they will get the flu or that they could get the virus and they may not be able to get the infection because they are not immunised,” she explained.”

That is a risk that we need to consider.

“Jones suggested residents check their personal data for viruses, especially if they did not have a vaccination.”

When you’re checking that, if you get any of these, if your data is there, you should be very, very cautious,” she suggested.”

Just be aware, but also, do not worry about it too much.

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