The best of Duluth family events in 2017

Duluth, MN – The Duluth City Museum and the Duluth Zoo are celebrating family and friends by celebrating Duluth Family Week.

The Zoo’s family activities run from Monday, March 19th until Tuesday, March 20th.

 There will be events for the whole family including an ice-skating event, a petting zoo, a free family day, and more.

The museum also hosts the annual Family Fun Run, which will be held from Thursday, March 21st until Sunday, March 23rd.

For the week, you can get your picture taken with the zoo’s mascot, and enjoy an ice rink, a children’s play area, a hot dog stand, and a full dinner buffet.

There are plenty of activities for children to enjoy, and children are invited to visit a childrens’ playground, take a picture with the mascot, take part in a face painting, and take part on the ice rink.

For the first time in 2017, Duluth has two themed events each day. 

The first is a free ice-pushing event with a special theme for children.

The second event is a full-day program to raise money for the zoo and museum.

On Sunday, the Zoo’s annual Family Day will be hosted by Duluth Mayor Greg Seeman. 

He will host a family walk, a kids’ day, a family picnic, a movie night, and other family activities. 

This event is scheduled to run from 6pm to 7pm on Sunday.

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