‘Affordable Family Activities’ video shows off the beauty of living in a modern, urban environment

This week, the BBC’s Living on the Edge programme will take viewers on a tour of the homes of two families in a London suburb.

As they look at the home they are living in, they are greeted with an amazing view of the surrounding area, with trees and houses lined up in the same pattern as the surrounding street.

“This is an amazing home that we’ve just just purchased, and I’m thrilled to see it in its current condition,” says one of the owners, Marjorie.

Marjorie’s husband, Paul, says it has been the perfect home for him, despite the fact that it is in a very expensive area.

“I’ve got an excellent job, I’ve got a family that works here and it’s really nice,” he says.

“We’ve got great amenities here, it’s very well maintained.

I’m very happy here.”

The family have bought their home for $2.4 million and are looking forward to enjoying it in a more traditional way.

“It’s definitely been a great experience,” says Paul.

“Having two young kids, that’s pretty exciting.

It’s very easy to go from being a busy parent to being a relaxed parent and enjoying the time you have with your kids.”

Living on the edge will be broadcast on Monday 7 March, 8:00pm.