Australian family members celebrate with Indianapolis fireworks – video

Australian family and friends of Indianapolis residents will gather around fireworks in the city for a “family day” on Sunday.

The fireworks display, which is part of a celebration of Indianapas Indian heritage, is part the festival’s “Family Days”.

More than 1,500 Indianapolis Indians are scheduled to attend the event, which starts at 11:30am.

“It’s about celebrating Indian culture, it’s about having a good time, having a laugh, having fun,” Mayor Donnie Brawley told ABC News.

“And we’ve got some of the best Indian-American and Indian-Canadian food in the state of Indiana.”

Indianapolis Mayor Donie Brawling said he hoped to see more Indianapolis people enjoying the festival.

“Indianapolis has been so proud of its Indian heritage and culture for generations and it’s going to continue to be so proud, so vibrant and so important to our city and our state,” he said.

“I’m hoping to see a lot of the same people that are there every year.”

The fireworks are scheduled for 8pm.