How to get rid of the family and become more connected

In a family-friendly, interactive video for the Family and Friends of TASM, parents can share tips and ideas for bonding with their kids and getting to know them better.TASM has long encouraged parents to be involved in their kids’ activities and to connect with them on social media.

“You can’t just sit around, watch TV or listen to music,” TASMF President Susan McAllister said.

“We are here to teach our kids how to be authentic, how to connect, how much love they have.”

“It is essential for a young person to have a relationship with others,” she said.

“[You] can’t have that and not have that relationship.”

The Family and friends video was created by the Australian Family and Relationships Institute and shows the impact of a busy family on the mind, body and spirit.

It features family activities and stories from the TASMM community, including children, parents and grandparents, and a video of a group of friends who all love their family, as well as an interview with a TASMPE volunteer.

Watch the video below:Family and Friends video – ‘The family is just another part of life’The video was made by TASm and is the result of a collaboration between TASMC and the Australian Foundation for Family and Youth.

It has been released on Facebook and YouTube, with more than 5 million views and counting.

“The Family is just one of the many important elements of family life and we encourage all people to have some kind of connection to the family,” McAllisters said.

“It can be a connection to your kids, your grandparents, your partner or a parent you share a bond with.”

McAllister also encourages parents to have an open and honest conversation about what’s going on in their lives and the importance of family.

“When we have a conversation about something that’s important to you, it means you’re in the right frame of mind to share your experiences with your children and to be aware of what you’re going through,” she explained.

“We want to be very clear about what we’re doing and why we’re thinking this way.”

What we’re really trying to do here is get kids to be open and transparent, and share what’s happening in their life, and not try to hide something.

“The family-oriented videos will be featured in the Family & Friends of Australia’s Family and Family Life Program.

It’s one of several new family activities the program has launched, including: a children’s book, a childrens app, a video game, a book, an online community and a TASSm website.